Group Cessation Classes

If you are interested in quitting, we offer a 6-week class led by a “Quit Smoking Now” facilitator for students, faculty and news. Email mary.schmidt-owens@ucf.edu to find out when the next class is starting. This is a free class and includes free nicotine replacement therapies (gum, lozenges, patches, etc.) Classes are offered on an as-needed basis.

Student Health Services Pharmacy

Medical providers at the Health Center can assist those who would like to quit smoking with the aid of prescription cessation drugs, if appropriate. Call 407.823.3850 to schedule an appointment to discuss your goals and options.

The UCF Pharmacies offer nicotine-replacement therapies at reduced prices. No appointment is necessary. Stop in and speak with a registered pharmacist. For more information visit the Pharmacy website or call 407.823.6337.

Wellness and Health Promotion Services

Wellness and Health Promotion Services offers free cessation support to students only. Students may meet one-on-one with a Quit Smoking Now facilitator for a 6-week session. Free NRTs are included. For more information, visit the Wellness website or call 407.823.0879.


Quit Smoking Now

Offered by the Florida Area Health Education Centers (AHEC) network, Quit Smoking Now provides you with support, guidance and resources to help you quit smoking. The program is always free and open to the public. For more information visit www.ahectobacco.com or call 877.848.6696.

The Florida Quitline

Free resources available to Florida residents who are ready to make an attempt at quitting. Options include face-to-face counseling, web program or an integrated web/phone program. For more information visit www.quitnow.net/florida or call 877.U.CAN.NOW.

Smokefree TXT

SmokefreeTXT is a mobile service designed for young adults across the United States. SmokefreeTXT was created to provide 24/7 encouragement, advice, and tips to help smokers stop smoking for good.

Smokefree QuitGuide

Smokefree QuitGuide is a mobile app designed by tobacco control professionals and cessation counselors, with the help of ex-smokers and experts to help smokers prepare to quit smoking and support them in the days and weeks after they quit.

Smokers Anonymous

Smokers Anonymous is a self-help smoking cessation group that uses the principles and 12-step method of Alcoholics Anonymous as the basis for its program.



Quitza is a social media site aimed at helping users quit smoking. The site includes personalized statistics, community support, and milestones & awards.

Smoke-Free Campuses Guide

Tobacco Free College CampusesResources, Tools and Support to Keep Students Healthy at School

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