How Do I Help?

Wellness and Health Promotion Services offers a training program aimed at helping UCF students, faculty and staff to support a smoke-free campus by increasing awareness and promoting adherence to the smoke free policy. The training workshop will outline the specifics of the policy, discuss ways to promote a smoke-free campus, and how to respond appropriately to both positive and negative reactions.

To request a workshop, please contact us by email at If you don’t have a group (10 people or more) we will assign you to one. If you have any questions regarding our workshops, or any other components of our Smoke Free initiative, please visit our Contact Us page.

The following video showcases UCF students sharing conversation tips on how to inform smokers of UCF’s non-smoking policy.

By politely and respectfully approaching smokers to inform them of UCF’s smoke-free policy, we can collaboratively create a healthy environment for all members of the UCF community.